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Adskills - Search And Destroy Bootcamp

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If you’ve noticed click costs increasing in Facebook as well as increased ad disapprovals and bannings, then this Bootcamp is your ideal transition over to search ads.

You’ll discover that with Google search ads, you’ll work less.

Much less.

This is because unlike FB ads which need new ads every couple days, Google search ads can remain the same for 6 months to as long as 2 years.

And if you don’t have to keep changing ads, then that means you have room to take on more clients.

More clients, less work = More money, less work.

Plus, you’re getting our “Search & Destroy” client getting method. This is kit that comes with swipe file, email templates, and instructions for getting search clients.

We call it “Search & Destroy” because it’s a clever (but easy) system of destroying your competitors client relationships.

It sounds ugly, but it’s completely legal and fair.

All you’re doing is exposing to their client how THEY are wasting money.

When they see that YOU are helping them save money and expose their current agencies faults, they will come running to you with open arms.

This is the same simple system former Google ad rep, John Belcher, used when he left Google to start his own agency. He needed clients quick or else he would be broke, this is what he used, and now manages millions of dollars for his clients.

If you want to have easier clients and work less, keep reading…

What You’re Getting: Limited time special pricing for an 8 week Search & Destroy Bootcamp. Plus our widely respected AdSkills Google Ads Master certification that comes with guaranteed client offers from multi-million dollar companies. As well as done-for-you systems for hiring, managing, and prospecting. Lastly, 90 days of next level 1-to-1 coaching.

QUICKSTART FORMULAS: You’ll start out with unlearning the bad habits and mindset that keeps media buyers in “Smallville.” You’ll love how fast and easy it is to start creating winning ad campaigns and marketing funnels when you follow simple PROVEN formulas.

NO MORE TRIAL & ERROR: With your new proven formulas in hand, now you’ll learn how to reverse engineer the world’s most successful ad campaigns. Skip the guessing, no more trial and error. Confidently start every campaign with the right keywords, interests, landers, and ads.

CLICK ALCHEMY: As you continue with your Bootcamp, you’re going to find yourself with a very GOOD PROBLEM. Your ads are profitable, your conversions are exceptional, and clients are emailing you with referrals to their friends.
This is because you’ve learned the little known secrets for creating ads that triggers the consumer’s “impulse buy” habit. You’ll be able to turn simple psychological tactics into campaigns that drive above-average ROI.
Your toughest problem will be supporting all the new clients that your campaigns are driving. Word travels fast when you’re winning for your clients.
(FYI: You’ll also learn how to remove click fraud and bot traffic that hurts your conversions. It’s almost a joke how easy this is to do, but hidden in plain sight. Just click a few buttons that thousands of rookies have been looking right over for years.)

OVERNIGHT CELEBRITY: Dollar Shave Club, Tai Lopez, 6 Pack Shortcuts, PooPourri all of them built million-dollar businesses off the back of Youtube Ads. When it comes to Youtube Ads, you are truly one ad campaign away from making millions. Use it to brand yourself as a niche celebrity or use it to market your client’s products, or do both.
This is a system, a methodical process for building a massively successful YouTube campaign from beginning to end. It’s thorough enough for the beginner, but it’s really designed for the intermediate or advanced advertisers to take their campaigns to the next level. You’ll start by learning how to find the right messaging and determine an effective test budget, and you’ll finish by discovering how to scale your winners for massive growth.
This system works even if you have no YouTube following, even if you have no video production skills or software, and even if you’re terrible on video. ” Adskills – Search And Destroy Bootcamp “

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