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Chris Winters - F.A.M. Facebook Agency Machine

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Chris Winters (Kallzu) – Facebook Agency Machine (FAM) | 10.17 GB

Welcome to Facebook Agency Machine (FAM) by Chris Winters (Kallzu)
Help You Select A Profitable Niche
– Not every offline niche works for FB ads.
– Dont make the mistake of selecting the WRONG niche.
– We will give you a list of niches to select from and/or you can bring niche ideas to use for approval.
– Start knowing that your selected niche will work for your new FB Agency.

We Will Help You Create Your Clients FB Funnel
– Copy & paste our proven FB Click Funnels formats
– We will review your funnel before you go live.
– Review your funnel after it goes live to assist with optimizing.
– NEVER be alone.Myself and Aby will always be there to assist you.

Let Us Help You Copy Our Proven Local FB Ads Strategy
– Copy our proven local FB ad strategy specifically for your chosen niche.
– We teach you how to select right FB audiences specifically for your niche.
– Write winning FB ad copy even if you are not a copywriter.
– We will review your FB ads before they go live.
– Learn how to set up a successful FB retargeting campaign for your client for extra low cost leads.

Learn How To Select The Right Clients Within Your Niche
– Selecting a niche that works for FB ads is only part of the challenge.
– Avoid working with wrong clients in the right niche.
– Give you step-by-step how to select the right clients the first time.
– 95 of new and experienced marketers make the mistake of working with wrong clients.

Whatll you get with Facebook Agency Machine (FAM):
Bonus 1. Get my exact agency website template.
– Easily duplicate my site; copy word-for-word and just add: your name, niche, and your photo.
– Never made a site before? Complete newbie? No problems. Step-by-step how-to videos designed for complete beginners PLUS we are here to assist you.
– How to easily take professional qualify photos of yourself using your phone camera.

Bonus 2. Copy my exact website auto video that pre-sells and pre-qualifies business owners
– Download presentation from Google docs (easy) and get a video copy of my presentation.
– Copy word for word, just change the niche, name. (super easy)
– Step-by-step how-to recording using free screen recording programs and your computer mic.
– 100 automated video sales machine that pre-sells & pre-qualifies prospects.
– NOTE: You NEVER have to get behind the camera!!! Record slides and your voice.

Bonus 3. Get my exact online questionnaire that further pre-sells and pre-qualify potential clients.
– Copy word-for-word my proven application questions
– Pre-qualifies prospects so you only work with the BEST clients.
– 100 automated process.
– Prospects will find themselves wanting and hoping they can qualify to work with you.

Bonus 4. Copy my exact online scheduler for prospect interviews.
– Customize the days and times you want to interview prospects.
– Auto-email reminders 6 hours before and 15 minutes before meeting time. (customizable)
– SMS text message reminders 1 hour and 5 minutes before meeting time. (customizable)