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Chris Do (The Futur ) – How To Find Clients

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Chris Do (The Futur ) – How To Find Clients

This is a class for new and new-ish designers looking to start their business and experienced designers looking to ramp up their business and the quality of their clients.

What’s Inside:

Welcome to Business Bootcamp: Sales and Marketing! (7:38)
The Big Misconception (5:16)
Start Inbound VS Outbound (5:09)
The Conversion Funnel (5:30)
Know Who
Do you know who your ideal client is? (6:57)
Figuring out your ideal client’s identity (11:59)
Do you know everything you need to know about your ideal client? (10:29)
Review (5:18)
Marketing Channels for Designers
Relationship Building (6:41)
Conferences (0:41)
Spec Work (1:06)
Self Promotional Mailer (1:49)
Marketing Stunt (1:42)
Self Promotional Video (2:18)
Public Relations (2:00)
Advertising & SEM (2:29)
Sponsorships (1:40)
Social Contests (0:31)
Online Brokers (1:37)
Agency and Studio Directories (1:37)
Cold-Calling and Cold-Emailing (1:26)
Sales Reps (2:40)
Organic Social Marketing (1:48)
Paid Social Marketing (1:13)
Business Coaches (0:45)
Public Speaking (1:55)
Content Marketing (1:20)
Email Marketing (3:51)
Affiliate Marketing (1:42)
Strategic Partnerships (2:31)
In Conclusion…
How have you been marketing your business? (1:07)
Which channels will work best for you? (2:50)
How can you synthesize this into a prioritized marketing plan? (3:20)
Closing (1:19)
Review (2:54)
Bonus Section: Resources
Marketing management tools (3:43)
Marketing platforms (3:26)
Creative Business Directories and Aggregators (0:52)
Intelligence gathering platforms (3:05)
Recommended Reading (1:43)
User Profile – LIVE (22:09)
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