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Anik Singal - Physical Products

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Launch And Scale Your Own 6+ Figure Amazon Business Without Traffic Or A Website! Follow Our Proven System To Build Your Own Brand And Sell Your Own Products.

What You Will Learn

Welcome To Physical Profits

Meet your Amazon Master Coach, Dave Kettner! He’s going to guide you all the way through this course from start to finish.

Module 1: Discover Product Opportunities

Learn the fundamentals of the private label business, along with our key tips and tools to find the best products in the market. You’ll be able to use our own spreadsheets and access our special methods to streamline the entire discovery process.

Module 2: Find The Right Supplier

This section will show you how to completely interact with product suppliers, from start to finish. We cover communication, negotiation tactics, and so much more in this section. Follow each step to a T and you’ll be working with a great manufacturer in no time at all!

Module 3: Make This Product Your Own

Learn how to truly make this business your own by creating your own brand name, logo, and designs. We’ll go over everything you need to know to professionally and beautifully label your products so that they’re ready to be shipped to customers.

Module 4: Create An Attractive Listing

We’re going to teach you our 5 elements to creating a killer product listing that converts extremely well. We’ll dive deep into all of the buyer psychology so that you understand exactly how to position your product for maximum sales!

Module 5: Get Ready To Launch

Next, we’ll make sure you have all the boxes checked on our pre-launch checklist. You’ll learn about our powerful launch strategies to promote your product, like discounts, digital coupons, and Amazon giveaways.

Module 6: Advertising Secrets

Once your product is live, we’re going to teach you how to market your product and target the best audiences so that you can maximize your sales. Master the art of a great advertising campaign using top platforms like Facebook, Google, and Bing.

Module 7: Grow Your Business

This section is all about scaling your business. Once you find out what is working and making you the most money, we’re going to teach you how to maximize efficiency and grow your business into the marketing machine you’ve always dreamed of.

Module 8: Success And Beyond

This is an all-inclusive course – so we’re leaving nothing out. Learn how to continue building a massive and recognizable brand, and also protect your business as you continue your international expansion!

I. Resources

Get direct access to every resource Dave mentions throughout this course.

II. Replays

Catch all the replays of our Weekly Live Q&A Calls where students get their questions answered by Dave and his top Coaches!

III. Amazon Action Guides

Quick Glance Action Guides For Any Task You Have To Complete For Your Amazon Business! These Guides Include Things Like Finding Product Opportunities Using Software, Finding Product Suppliers On Alibaba, Creating Amazon Digital Coupons, & So Much More!

IV. 50 Hot Product Opportunities

See 50 Of The Hottest Product Opportunities To Get Into This Year! Learn Which New, Emerging Markets Are Highly Profitable With Low Competition!

V. 20 Money Losing Markets

See 20 Product Opportunities in Markets That you Should Avoid Like The Plague! These Markets Look Highly Profitable But Are Over-Saturated & Too Competitive!

VI. Pinterest Profits Boost

Get Extra Training Videos & Learn How To Promote Your Products On Pinterest To Generate More Traffic!

VII. Profitable Products Only Workshop

A Private, Invite-Only Workshop! I’ll Work With You To Identify The Most Profitable Product Categories On Amazon!

VIII. Becoming A Best Seller Workshop

A Private, Invite-Only Workshop! I’ll Work With You & A Small Group To Help Everyone Become Best Sellers On Amazon In Their Category!

IX. 6-Figure Amazon Interview

Watch As I Interview 5 Top Amazon Best Sellers Who Have All Generated Multiple 6 & 7 Figures Between Them!

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You also get access to LURN’s highly trained team of coaches which includes some of the most successful digital publishers, marketers, and entrepreneurs from around the world.