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Adrian Brambila - Search Engine Conquest

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Ready to Master Consumer Behavior?

Search Engine Conquest will teach how to confidently spend money on Google Ads to generate profitable sales, discover consumer trends & scale your level of revenue.


Search Engine Conquest Course
5 Week Course With 1 on 1 Support to Ecommerce Mastery & Success.
All content is available on day 1. However, I offer 5 weekly LIVE trainings to cover each week as well.
Over 40 Video Lessons & Weekly Live Training Showing REAL CAMPAIGN DATA…
Week 1 – Foundation & Fundamentals
Intro to Marketing Fundamentals – No matter how much experience you have or don’t have most people don’t understand this 7 important lessons about how to create high converting traffic
Front End Traffic – Syncing your data across Google Analytics, YouTube, and more for conversions and sales automation
Keyword Anatomy – Set up the power for AI & machine learning based ads leveraging Google’s algorithm
Building a Successful Shopify Store – Did you know you can leverage data to build a winning store? That’s what we do!
Shopify Walk Through – Get a real behind the scenes of a store that does 5 figures per month from Google.

Week 2 – Infrastructure & Data
Algorithm – Learning the beast of Google’s algorithm and how to leverage it to campaign success
Ad – Walk through of REAL ads and insights on how to create profitable ads
Cost – Budget strategies to gain confidence on when to scale and when to cut budget strategies
Data Science – Get a crash course on data science to finally understand the metrics of what to look for when building, optimizing and scaling a campaign.

Week 3 – Master Consumer Behavior Research

Marketing Insights – Mastery of insights of collateral data and decision making for success
Return on Investment – Data analytics on key performance indicators to make sure your campaigns generate an ROI
Lead Generation – Research of competition to determine if keywords are worth investing in
Winning Products – Learn how to find trending, evergreen and winning products
Testing Products Without Spending Money – Get our testing calculator that validates if you should test a product WITHOUT spend.

Week 4 – Campaign Strategy, Optimization & Scaling

Bid Strategy – Learn when to leverage machine based learning & Manual & Enhanced CPC Campaigns
Behavioral Remarketing – Create dynamic ads based on actions taken on landing pages tracked through Google Analytics
Google Shopping – Learn how to automate product testing & generate sales on the Google Shopping network
Step By Step Conservative Campaign Testing- Learn the exact step by step process I use to test products spending as low as $10
CASE STUDY – Behind the scenes of strategies, ads, product, and targeting on scaling from $0 – $5,000 in 48 hours
CASE STUDY – Learn how to market for time sensitive events and transitioning from drop shipping to buying in bulk using a live documentary of scaling to over $10k in 4 days
CASE STUDY – Behind the scenes walkthrough of a real campaign, ad, and product of scaling from $0 – $18,000 in 30 days

Week 5 – YouTube Ads & Diversification

YouTube Ads – Learn arguably the most underutilized and most profitable ad campaigns currently on the internet
Affiliate Marketing – Learn how to leverage search engines & YouTube for highly effective affiliate marketing
Email Marketing – Learn how to generate flows & segments to convert traffic

Bonus – Done For You Winning Product Research

Winning Product Research – Get hundreds of data validated winning products to test and sell ASAP
USA Drop Ship Products – Stop using AliExpress and get access to my exclusive USA drop ship suppliers
High End Furniture & More – Why sell $20 items when you can sell $2,000 items like high end furniture from the USA?